The proprietors regret to announce that the Freakatorium had to close its doors at 57 Clinton Street in January 2005.

For five years, the Freakatorium amazed and entertained its audiences with an internationally-renowned collection of curiosities and freak-related artifacts. We wish to thank everyone who came to see El Museo Loco and enriched our experience with their visits.

The Freakatorium lives on as a collection, and parts of it may still be seen in the performances of Johnny Fox, the magician, raconteur, and sword-swallower extaordinaire. The museum's many remarkable oddities, 19th-century photographs, original sideshow banners, and works of art by some of the great freaks, themselves, also continue to be available on loan to museums and film companies.

For further information, please contact Johnny Fox by email here or by telephone at (646) 338-1397. You may also visit Johnny's web site at

Johnny Fox's Freakatorium ~ (646) 338-1397

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